Ten Rules of Investor Decks

After looking at countless investor decks and hearing pitches, I have started to notice a pattern of comments that I make to Founders. They are summarized below. CAVEAT ALERT – this is focus group of one AND all of these ideas are detailed in countless other slide decks.

Rule #1:  Keep it short and simple – no more than 15 pages.

Rule #2:  Include an Appendix and put as many slides as you want in it.

Rule #3:  Include your contact information in the deck.

Rule #4:  Use lots of graphics – a picture is worth a thousand words.

Rule #5:  Clearly indicate the pain point and solution.

Rule #6:  Include all the relevant information for investors.

Here is more or less the investor formula: to understand the problem/pain point; the solution; size and characteristics of the target market; Go to Market Strategy and TRACTION; product pipeline and IP portfolio/protection; competition/differentiation; business model with costs, prices and margins; path to profitability; details of the raise including use of funds and exit comparables; the team, including Advisors.

Rule #7:  Create multiple decks for multiple audiences.

Rule # 8:  Do NOT incorporate feedback from every Joe, Dick and Sally but DO proofread the deck.

Rule #9:  Do NOT read slides during a presentation.

Rule #10:  Practice the deck until it rolls off your tongue, in your sleep.

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